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Lemon Rx with Stabilizer and Satellite (Read 7566 times)
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Lemon Rx with Stabilizer and Satellite
Aug 31st, 2014 at 12:33pm
I bought a Lemon Rx (not the best choice of product name) with the builtin stabilizer and satellite receiver.  The 6 channel receiver (7 ch. if the gyro is disabled) and satellite are both Spectrum DSMX compatible.

The choice of platform was my old, more than slightly worn parkzone mustang. I had to hot glue the wing to the body as there was too much movement between the wing and fuselage due to aging styrofoam.

I range tested the receiver and it was stable to an impressive 50 paces at which point it became hard to tell if the control surface was still moving so there was no point going further.

The stabilization feature can be turned on and off while in the air and the sensitivity of the gyro adjusted in the air if you have a dial on your radio for Aux 3. If not there are pots on the gyro that can be adjusted for all three channels (rudder, alerion and elevator). There are also a number of dip switches on the unit that allows reversing channels and setting up the wing type. If you don't want to use the gyro it can be turned off with the dip switches and a 7th channel becomes available for use.

The receiver and stabilization was very easy and quick to set up on the table and as I was using a Spektrum DX8 I was able to use all the features of the receiver.

I took the mustang out to the local ball field where today there was a sustained wind of 22km/hr with gusts over 30km/hr. Without the stabilizer the mustang was being blown all over the sky, lots of corrections to compensate so it was a bit of a handful. I turned on the stabilization with the dial to the lowest setting and began to turn it up, with very little sensitivity dialed in the mustang became very stable and tracked well. I could see the servos working very hard as it went by and there was a bit of oscillation in the wings, I dialed the sensitivity down a bit but it always seemed to have a bit of oscillation though tracked perfectly. The oscillation maybe a combination of factors, it was a very windy test day and the mustang is showing it's age and is not as tight as it once was so the slop in the control surfaces and body might be coming into play.

All and all I'm impressed with the receiver, for approximately 35 dollars Canadian including shipping it's a pretty good deal just for the 7 channel DSMX receiver and satellite let alone stabilization.

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