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Atlantic Society of Radio Control Modellers (ASRCM) has existed since the mid 1970s. Our runway site has been in various locations in the Shubenacadie area of Nova Scotia. Our current runway site is off the Lynch Road, 3.4 kilometres east of the village of Shubenacadie (45°04'34.2"N, 63°21'44.3"W). ASRCM members fly a variety of glow, gas and electric powered aircraft. ASRCM has competent instructors for those needing some help with their flying skills. Guests are welcome to stop by and check out our field. Check our forum to see when we are flying. ASRCM is affiliated with the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) and ASRCM members fly using their safety code. ASRCM also operates in compliance with Transport Canada's RPAS regulations. In April 2024 ASRCM and HEFA merged into the Shubenacadie Model Aviation Society.

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ASRCM welcomes new members. You can try out our field before joining as long as you have a valid MAAC membership and are in compliance with Transport Canada's RPAS regulations. If you would like to become a member of ASRCM, please fill out, print, and sign a membership form and provide it with your membership dues (see the Contact section below). Membership types and dues amounts are on the membership form. Members are required to read an obey the ASRCM Rules and Bylaws. Members must also read and obey the relevant MAAC safety code. Pilots are required to have a valid MAAC membership before they can fly at our field. MAAC offers various types of memberships, including short term memberships for those unsure if this hobby is for them.

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