The Halifax Electric Flyers Association (HEFA) played host to members of ASRCM and the Avon Valley Flyers on New Years day 2011.  Flyers enjoyed a morning of sport flying and pylon racing with strykers and mugi evos.  photos here
Vic, a member of the Halifax Electric Flyers Association (HEFA) hosted a day of  flying Feb 05 at his home on Porters Lake.  A great day, good crowd, sunshine and favorable winds.  Lots of flying.  Photos here.
Annual spring hobby show at the Shearwater Aviation Museum  Photos here.
Valley Gathering 2011  Photos here.
Margaree Wednesday 2011  Photos here.
Margaree Thursday 2011  Photos here.
Margaree Friday  Photos here.
Margaree Saturday  Photos here.
Margaree by Bill  Photos here.
5th Annual Bull Lake Float Fly and Regatta.  more here
ASRCM stryker night July 06, 2011.  More here
ASRCM Family Barbecue August 20, 2011.  More here