A screen capture of Craig's big Goblin over the ASRCM site,  Phoenix has just released models of the goblin as well as the 130x helicopters!
My 130X at ASRCM.  Yep, I'm flying over the pits, so spank me!
Download ASRCM (low resolution)field for use in Phoenix Flight Simulator

Download ASRCM (high resolution) for Phoenix

Download HRCC (halifax radio Conrol Club field) for Phoenix

Inside the zipped file there is a folder called "ASRCM"
copy this folder intact into your "my documents/PhoenixRC/Flying sites"

This Phoenix field panorama was created by a friend of the club. He made a trip to our site on November 22nd, 2012 and made a series of photographs he has worked into a flying site for the Phoenix Simulator.